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Musk’s firings highlight social media and job insecurity

Elon Musk has taken an axe to Twitter.

Twitter joins the list of companies to have a mass firing event leaving hundreds unemployed overnight. These firings were brought on once ownership switched from Jack Dorsey to Elon Musk following a buyout that no-one, but Elon Musk and his stock bros wanted. The top executives at Twitter tried everything …

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Supernova tackles online hate by giving back

Supernova gives back through charities.

Social media is changing! A new app has hit the market called “Supernova.” It is a social media platform that turns likes into charity money. This app aims to give back to the world by donating advertising profits to incredible causes and charities. Every like that is given to a …

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Davis takes innovative approach to social media

Liz Davis (right) with Kendra Gregory.

PRSSA is a student run club located at Southern Illinois University. There are several e-board members that uphold a position to efficiently run the club. The Director of PRSSA, Liz Davis, upholds a role of overseeing the social media. Liz immerses herself into PRSSA by trying to find fun ways …

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How PR professionals are beginning to “BeReal”

BeReal encourages users to be more authentic online.

Have you ever grown tired of the facades created by companies and brands on social media? Social media posts today often feel forced and do not represent a person’s or company’s real day-to-day life. The new social media platform, BeReal, has been created by Alexis Barreyat as a new and …

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Corn Kid brings viral views to big brands

Corn Kid is a viral hit.

It’s Corn! The newest viral TikTok that has taken the world by storm. Whether you’ve seen it on TikTok, Instagram, or even Twitter, the “Corn Kid” has made his imprint all over social media. Five-year-old Tariq went viral on social media after an interview, where Tariq confessed his deep love …

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The multiplicity of Discord from gaming to PR

Discord allows for communities.

When people think of social media, most will think of popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Public relations professionals utilize these platforms, and many others, every day to promote events, address crises and build relationships with their clients’ public. Community engagement is central to Public Relations – it is …

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Peanut offers social media exclusively for women

The Peanut social media platform.

Peanut is one of Apple’s best apps of 2021, it is a safe space for women to meet and find support. Women can connect with other women who are at a similar stage in life – from fertility, pregnancy, motherhood all the way to menopause. Whether you are trying to …

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Why professionals should consider throwing a Houseparty

Houseparty puts some fun in video chat.

When an unexpected crisis arises such as COVID-19, it causes a lot of professionals such as those in public relations to come up with new ways to do meetings and activities virtually. This is when the app Houseparty gave the opportunity to allow people to host virtual meetings but with …

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How to beat the Instagram algorithm


Like all social media platforms, Instagram uses an algorithm to decide which posts are shown to which viewers. This can explain why sometimes you might miss out on certain posts even though you may follow that page, but what determines that algorithm and what you see on your feed, and …

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Reddit’s social news and public relations


What is Reddit and how has it become a beneficial tool in the public relations industry? Reddit was the seventh most visited website in the United States in January 2021, so gaining an understanding of the website and knowing how to benefit from it could play a major role in …

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