BeReal encourages users to be more authentic online.
BeReal encourages users to be more authentic online.

How PR professionals are beginning to “BeReal”

Have you ever grown tired of the facades created by companies and brands on social media? Social media posts today often feel forced and do not represent a person’s or company’s real day-to-day life. The new social media platform, BeReal, has been created by Alexis Barreyat as a new and inventive way to show authenticity in everyday life. To promote this idea of authenticity, PR professionals and marketers have been finding new and creative ways to benefit and advertise their company through this app.

What is BeReal?
BeReal, released in 2020, is a social media app that has become increasingly popular within the last few months. According to, the app is especially popular among Generation Z and Millenials, which gives organizations the opportunity to create a more modern, fresh, and trendy appearance. The app’s main feature is that once a day, at completely random times, the app will deliver a notification to users’ phones, which informs them that they have two minutes to take both a front and rear facing photo of their surroundings. This photo will remain posted until a new notification is sent the next day. Users can add friends and have a timeline each day filled with little snippets of their friends’ lives, as well as view the discovery page that gives users random BeReals from around the world. This unique setup was made to encourage users to ‘be real’ with their social media posting, as it does not give the opportunity to prepare for the photo. Another unique aspect to this app is that it does not include any advertisements, which combined with the fact that users’ posts are only available for a day, has caused PR professionals to adapt and create new and efficient ways to promote their brand.

How are current companies using this social media?
While there are not many organizations with BeReal profiles yet, a few companies have hosted giveaways to gain followers, such as Elf Cosmetics, who gave out a free product to the first 150 people to friend them, or Chipotle, the well-known Mexican restaurant, who posted on Bereal offering free entrees to those who used their code online. Some smaller companies, such as Inn Beauty Project, have even posted photos of a new product before its official release.

Other companies, such as PacSun or Trident Gum have used the front and rear facing photo setup from BeReal and posted it on other social media, such as Instagram or Facebook, to participate in the trend, even if they do not have their own account.

How can PR professionals use this to their advantage?
While at first it may seem challenging to find success in an app that only has their posts available for a day, this allows an opportunity to create a feeling of exclusivity. The notion of missing out on something new and trendy from a brand is often a very persuasive strategy, and can create a sense of community for those who are able to participate. Companies could allow users to view an exclusive product drop early on the app or participate in events and giveaways, which can allow users to feel like they are almost being let in on a secret compared to those who miss out on even one day’s posting.

BeReal’s main concept of authenticity is also a huge advantage for PR professionals. While advertisements are not included in this app, companies incorporating their brand into people’s everyday lives can increase user’s feelings of accessibility towards a product. Many influencers from TikTok and Instagram have migrated over to BeReal, and instead of posed modeling sessions showing off a company’s new clothing line, users can see influencers in real day-to-day interactions with the clothing. It also could give companies the opportunity to show a snippet of behind the scenes of their production.

While using BeReal may be a great way to increase publicity, organizations also may need to use the social media app in moderation. BeReal’s main concept of avoiding paid advertisements and showcasing authenticity can be hard to navigate if a company is wanting to promote their brand. If organizations decide to use this app, they will still need to maintain the authentic, fun aspect of BeReal in their posting. While the app is still relatively new, there have already been some negative reviews when companies try to treat BeReal like other social media or advertisements. It is imperative for PR professionals to keep a personal and genuine atmosphere on their profiles.

As this social media’s popularity continues to grow, organizations will surely create even more innovative ways to participate in the trendy, modern aspects that BeReal provides. This new and unique social media will ultimately teach PR professionals how to be creative, be trendy, and most importantly, be real.

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