PRSSA Spring 2020


The Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC) chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is housed in the Department of Communication Studies (CMST).

Its purpose is to provide students hands-on learning experiences with public relations. It does this through a few different manners:

Pyramid is our student-run public relations agency. Students find clients and produce professional quality public relations products for their customers. Pyramid is limited to campus-affiliated clients.

Guest Speakers
We bring guest speakers to campus or via teleconferencing to give their insight and experiences on the world of public relations. While students benefit from the professional experience of their professors, it is to their benefit to get as a wide of background as possible.

When possible, we try to attend regional and national conferences related to PRSSA.

While socializing might not seem directly related to your career, it is an important part of networking with one another to build relationships that might benefit you in the future. Having college classmates that you can call upon in future career situations is invaluable.

Agency Trips
One way to learn about public relations is to visit people doing it everyday. For that reason, we work at setting up field trips to agencies and other institutions.