Xbox buying Nintendo rumor stirs up PR dust

Players enjoying Xbox.

We see several companies over the years that have had private information leaked, and Microsoft Xbox is one. It is rare to see a company get leaked and have plans of potentially buying the competitor of its company. Recently Microsoft has responded to the rumors. Phil Spencer, the head of …

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Taylor Swift campaigns to inspire engagement through voting

Taylor Swift is encouraging fans to register to vote.

In today’s digital age, the influence of celebrities and influencers extends far beyond their artistic talents. Taylor Swift, who some say is the most famous woman on planet earth, has yet again demonstrated the power of her platform to incite social change. Recently, she posted a link on her social …

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Bud Light’s PR nightmare and how to avoid political backlash

People got very upset over a can of beer.

In modern day, brands have to play a tricky game of navigating political fields. It can be extremely beneficial or detrimental to a brand’s image when they decide to publicly support a political movement that is considered controversial. The Harvard Business Review mentioned that in the past, companies tended to …

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Culver’s asking Pepsi fans if Coke is okay

Culver's burger and a Pepsi.

The popular Midwest burger chain Culver’s is switching from Pepsi to Coke. That’s right, customers will no longer get an ice-cold Pepsi with their butter burger, but a Coke instead. Many customers haven’t seemed to care, but those who do are furious. Who would have thought switching from one brand …

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Carbondale is the solar eclipse crossroads of America

The eclipse will be big news for Carbondale.

The 2024 solar eclipse is a huge deal in astronomy because of its shared viewing location with the prior eclipse in North America. The best location to view the solar eclipse is going to be just south of SIU’s campus around Cedar Lake. SIU will be holding a festival for …

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SIU researchers tackle gun violence for a safer community

Protestors call for end to gun violence.

Tammy Kochel, associate dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences at SIU, is leading a team of researchers in identifying the causes and patterns of gun violence in Carbondale. Sparked by a nationwide spate in gun violence, SIU researchers and Carbondale city officials are looking to research solutions …

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Corn Kid brings viral views to big brands

Corn Kid is a viral hit.

It’s Corn! The newest viral TikTok that has taken the world by storm. Whether you’ve seen it on TikTok, Instagram, or even Twitter, the “Corn Kid” has made his imprint all over social media. Five-year-old Tariq went viral on social media after an interview, where Tariq confessed his deep love …

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