Thursday , July 29 2021

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Self-branding is a necessity in 2021

Personal branding is more and more important.

Standing out in a job interview can seem like a daunting task when there is a multitude of applicants. This is especially true in 2021 when there is a surplus of applicants. One could easily feel overwhelmed and anxious about securing a job. This is where personal branding comes in. …

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Spotlighting benefits of diversity and inclusion in PR

Diversity and inclusion brings people together.

Diversity and inclusion within public relations are very crucial because in PR you are representing someone or something that has a diverse audience, and it is important that as someone in charge of keeping the face of the client, you represent the diverse audience they are reaching out to. Diversity …

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How to beat the Instagram algorithm


Like all social media platforms, Instagram uses an algorithm to decide which posts are shown to which viewers. This can explain why sometimes you might miss out on certain posts even though you may follow that page, but what determines that algorithm and what you see on your feed, and …

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Trendy PR tactics you don’t want to miss in 2021

Stop washing your jeans.

With all the events that happened in 2020 – a pandemic, quarantine, working from home, social injustices- Public Relations professionals had to change their tactics in order to stay afloat amongst the several storms that barreled in during 2020. The absolute biggest trend right now is social media. Facebook, Instagram, …

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PR in crisis: Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

In past years, there have been many learning opportunities for PR professionals. The greatest way to learn a new skill is via experience in real-world scenarios. Short of in-Person experience, PR professionals use past examples of PR crises. Observing how PR professionals of the past, mitigate and reframe crises can …

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Being a successful team member in the workplace

Good teamwork requires planning.

You can’t be successful in the workplace if you don’t know how to be a good team member. A good team member has a higher chance of being noticed by their boss and being recognized as an extraordinary employee. Craig Engstrom, Director of the Communications Studies undergraduate program at Southern …

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It’s not a launch without PR

Geoff Keighley shows off the new PS5 controller.

Brands and products have gone into a bit of a grey area when it comes to communicating newer products. As we get into the fall the idea of show and tell is very prevalent. Apple, Sony and even Microsoft have gone out of their way to give consumers vibrant presentations …

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Social media management during a worldwide pandemic

Social media can be a struggle during COVID-19.

With everchanging trends, it is important to keep up with the social media world. Now you might be thinking how social media and being in Public Relations relates, well this past year a worldwide pandemic has hit causing the world to be put on pause, to the extent that people …

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Improving your press releases, one beer at a time

Flight of beer or press releases?

Press releases, also known as news releases, can be viewed as just another task on a to-do list, but in reality, it’s extremely beneficial to reporters, the company, as well as a public relations specialist or team, so understanding the “why” and “how-to” behind a press release is critical for …

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Make your resume stand out

Make that resume stand out.

Your resume is your first opportunity to present yourself to a potential employer, so it is important to make your resume stand out from others. When writing your resume, you should look for keywords in job postings, make your resume clear and brief, provide the most important information first, and …

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