The Peanut social media platform.
The Peanut social media platform.

Peanut offers social media exclusively for women

Peanut is one of Apple’s best apps of 2021, it is a safe space for women to meet and find support. Women can connect with other women who are at a similar stage in life – from fertility, pregnancy, motherhood all the way to menopause.

Whether you are trying to navigate through fertility, pregnancy, motherhood, or menopause, Peanut provides access to a community who are there to listen, share information, and offer valuable advice. It is their responsibility to ensure no woman must figure it out alone.

For the past four years, Team Peanut has been dedicated to empowering a community of over 2.5 million women to connect across all aspects of motherhood. Founder and CEO of Peanut Michelle Kennedy states, “My vision is to connect women at every stage of life from pregnancy through to motherhood and menopause so that three women in the same family can all find support on Peanut when they need it most.”

This app can be very beneficial to the PR world. Companies that may deal with products or with women going through fertility, motherhood, or menopause can connect with millions of women who discuss and give advice for what works best for them and what doesn’t.

Making connections in the public relations field can help tremendously, by companies going on Peanut they can connect with millions of people and hear straight from the consumers firsthand. They can hear what is working and what is not, this is key when trying to have a successful business. Therefore, the Peanut app can be a very useful app to use as a tool in the PR world.

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