Super Bowl advertising’s historical PR ties

Pop Corners teamed with Breaking Bad for a Super Bowl ad.

The Super Bowl is the annual final playoff game of the National Football League, to determine who’s going to be the new championship team of the current year. Super Bowl LVII, (57) February 12, 2023, at 5:30PM CST, brought an exponential number of viewers for its annual football game, striking …

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Supernova tackles online hate by giving back

Supernova gives back through charities.

Social media is changing! A new app has hit the market called “Supernova.” It is a social media platform that turns likes into charity money. This app aims to give back to the world by donating advertising profits to incredible causes and charities. Every like that is given to a …

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Wendy’s takes fast-food war to new levels on Twitter

Wendy's is what's for lunch.

The fast-food world is a never-ending cycle of serving quick delicious food while trying to make it cheap. Each company tries their best to downplay the competition and shows how they are improving their product. A great example of this would be Wendy’s Twitter page. Wendy’s has found the perfect …

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Why professionals should consider throwing a Houseparty

Houseparty puts some fun in video chat.

When an unexpected crisis arises such as COVID-19, it causes a lot of professionals such as those in public relations to come up with new ways to do meetings and activities virtually. This is when the app Houseparty gave the opportunity to allow people to host virtual meetings but with …

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Video games open new realms for public relations

Travis Scott in Fortnite.

Traditionally, video games and the companies that produce them utilized public relations to promote their product and influence public opinion of the games. Now, video games are being used directly as PR tools. While there are many video games used for PR, the two most prominent are Epic Games’ Fortnite: …

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Reddit’s social news and public relations


What is Reddit and how has it become a beneficial tool in the public relations industry? Reddit was the seventh most visited website in the United States in January 2021, so gaining an understanding of the website and knowing how to benefit from it could play a major role in …

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Prunty on life after college in the real world

Martavia chilling.

Transitioning from college to the “real world” can be quite scary especially in the times of the virus, COVID-19. With such uncertainty during these times, I decided to reach out to an old member of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Martavia Prunty, to get an idea of what …

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Workin’ Moms showcases power of PR and representation

Workin' Moms

In entertainment media there are many shows that portray businessmen, doctors, and lawyers, but what about Public Relations? Representation is a great powerful tool when creating characters. That is part of what brings in your audience. Seeing more diverse jobs and with women in those positions boosts the representations we …

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Is Caffeine TV the next wave in visual entertainment?

Caffeine TV

This broadcasting platform, Caffeine TV, coincidentally is not available on cable TV. However, any user can mirror their phone screen for it to appear on a TV. Caffeine TV has been compared to Twitch because they both provide users with a video game live streaming experience (though Caffeine TV has …

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Clarke moves between managing finances and gardens

Michael Clarke

Southern Illinois University caught the eye of who we now know as the PRSSA Treasurer, Michael Clarke. Michael was brought to SIU from the various opportunities that the university offers. The Achieve Program also brought in Michael as well as the unique level of tutoring, scheduling help, and the physical …

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