Thursday , July 29 2021

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Self-branding is a necessity in 2021

Personal branding is more and more important.

Standing out in a job interview can seem like a daunting task when there is a multitude of applicants. This is especially true in 2021 when there is a surplus of applicants. One could easily feel overwhelmed and anxious about securing a job. This is where personal branding comes in. …

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Houston viewed as teacher, mentor, and PR professional

Josh Houston

If you study communication at SIU there is a good chance that you have had a class taught by Josh Houston. Mr. Houston, who also goes by Josh, has been a teacher here at Southern for 20 years. Originally from Granite City, Illinois, Josh decided to pursue a degree in …

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Students walk this way to benfit The Women’s Center

The Walk-a-thon team.

Each semester, the SIU CMST 481: PR Cases and Campaigns class taught by professor Justin Young is tasked with creating a successful campaign. This capstone class is a way for Communication Studies majors to combine all of their knowledge from previous courses. For the spring 2021 semester, the students chose …

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Executive Board announced for 2021-2022

PRSSA members gathered for a night of games.

Each spring, one of the responsibilities of outgoing officers is to help select the new slate of officers to lead our Executive Board for the following school year. This year brought an assortment of talented applications, and we have our new officers listed below. Thank you to all who applied, …

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Spotlighting benefits of diversity and inclusion in PR

Diversity and inclusion brings people together.

Diversity and inclusion within public relations are very crucial because in PR you are representing someone or something that has a diverse audience, and it is important that as someone in charge of keeping the face of the client, you represent the diverse audience they are reaching out to. Diversity …

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How to beat the Instagram algorithm


Like all social media platforms, Instagram uses an algorithm to decide which posts are shown to which viewers. This can explain why sometimes you might miss out on certain posts even though you may follow that page, but what determines that algorithm and what you see on your feed, and …

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Schneider finds where she belongs in public relations

Grace Schneider

Grace Schneider, SIUC Junior, Communication Studies Major and PRSSA Secretary extraordinaire graciously agreed to answer a few questions and provide some insight into her role in PRSSA. Grace began PRSSA for credit last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Over winter break, she would accept an invitation to join the E-Board …

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Video games open new realms for public relations

Travis Scott in Fortnite.

Traditionally, video games and the companies that produce them utilized public relations to promote their product and influence public opinion of the games. Now, video games are being used directly as PR tools. While there are many video games used for PR, the two most prominent are Epic Games’ Fortnite: …

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Reddit’s social news and public relations


What is Reddit and how has it become a beneficial tool in the public relations industry? Reddit was the seventh most visited website in the United States in January 2021, so gaining an understanding of the website and knowing how to benefit from it could play a major role in …

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Trendy PR tactics you don’t want to miss in 2021

Stop washing your jeans.

With all the events that happened in 2020 – a pandemic, quarantine, working from home, social injustices- Public Relations professionals had to change their tactics in order to stay afloat amongst the several storms that barreled in during 2020. The absolute biggest trend right now is social media. Facebook, Instagram, …

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Prunty on life after college in the real world

Martavia chilling.

Transitioning from college to the “real world” can be quite scary especially in the times of the virus, COVID-19. With such uncertainty during these times, I decided to reach out to an old member of Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), Martavia Prunty, to get an idea of what …

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Workin’ Moms showcases power of PR and representation

Workin' Moms

In entertainment media there are many shows that portray businessmen, doctors, and lawyers, but what about Public Relations? Representation is a great powerful tool when creating characters. That is part of what brings in your audience. Seeing more diverse jobs and with women in those positions boosts the representations we …

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Ketcherside and Stanley talk managing publicity for theatrical venues

Megan Ketcherside and Dylan Stanley

On Wednesday, March 24, SIU PRSSA welcomed Megan Ketcherside and Dylan K. Stanley together as guest speakers. The pair focused on managing publicity for theatrical venues–work they’re quite familiar with. Ketcherside is the Publicity Manager for the The Fabulous Fox Theatre in St. Louis. The theatre is famous for bringing …

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Matalon’s life in theater and public relations

Laura Matalon

Laura Matalon was the recent guest speaker that talked about publicity and marketing during Covid-19 to Southern Illinois University’s chapter of PRSSA. She is the Chief Marketing Officer for Hamilton the Musical (the hit show written by Lin-Manuel Miranda), and during the meeting she joked public relations wasn’t her first …

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Is Caffeine TV the next wave in visual entertainment?

Caffeine TV

This broadcasting platform, Caffeine TV, coincidentally is not available on cable TV. However, any user can mirror their phone screen for it to appear on a TV. Caffeine TV has been compared to Twitch because they both provide users with a video game live streaming experience (though Caffeine TV has …

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