Liz Davis (right) with Kendra Gregory.
Liz Davis (right) with Kendra Gregory.

Davis takes innovative approach to social media

PRSSA is a student run club located at Southern Illinois University. There are several e-board members that uphold a position to efficiently run the club. The Director of PRSSA, Liz Davis, upholds a role of overseeing the social media. Liz immerses herself into PRSSA by trying to find fun ways to gain more interaction on the socials and make sure the organization is getting the events and information out to the general public. The e-board members have their own specific roles, each divided evenly; and her role upholds a good amount of keeping the socials creative.

Liz came to SIU because both of her parents had attended and it was assumed that she would come here. I had gotten to know Liz on more of a personal level last semester in 2022, because we had a class together. She had attended John A. Logan and received an associate degree. Liz is still indecisive on what she will pursue a career in after college. She is hoping to help companies gain more exposure and followers. She also wants to apply to many different companies from any country!

I enjoyed learning more about Liz and her interests that are outside of the classroom. Liz enjoys to read and “LOVES” going to live concerts. Liz has always kept a bubbly, creative attitude when it comes to PRSSA. She will continue to expand/progress in what she can do for PRSSA and her career path. With her open-mindedness for what she will do with a career in PR, we have someone who will bring more creativity to the internet.

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