King sees future in non-profit PR

Josie King

Josie King is currently the Director of Digital Media for Southern Illinois University’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). As the Director of Digital Media, Josie works on the club’s Instagram account. She says that at first, she struggled with the designs for posts, trying to find a balance …

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D’Haeze primed to revolutionize international PR

Mary D’Haeze (left) and friends.

Making a difference isn’t just a dream, but a reality for Mary D’Haeze. Within Southern Illinois University of Carbondale’s PRSSA chapter, Mary has faithfully served on the e-board within the secretary position. Her duties as secretary include taking attendance in meetings, recording detailed and organized notes during discussions, and helping …

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Xbox buying Nintendo rumor stirs up PR dust

Players enjoying Xbox.

We see several companies over the years that have had private information leaked, and Microsoft Xbox is one. It is rare to see a company get leaked and have plans of potentially buying the competitor of its company. Recently Microsoft has responded to the rumors. Phil Spencer, the head of …

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Charitable giving benefits corporations past the holidays

Charity can serve all at the holidays.

Public relations play an important role in all companies throughout the whole year, however, around the time of the holidays is an extra opportunity for companies to make a positive impact on the communities that they serve. It is safe to say that both companies and consumers are in a …

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How practicing emotional intelligence can help PR professionals

Emotional intelligence can be a key skill in public relations.

Practicing emotional intelligence can significantly benefit PR professionals in the workplace. By understanding and managing their own emotions, PR professionals can navigate high-pressure situations, remain calm under stress, and make better decisions. Here are several ways practicing emotional intelligence helps PR professionals in the workplace. Effective Communication PR professionals deal …

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Mascots put a friendly face on corporations

Some mascots become bigger than the product they promote.

We all know how brands typically advertise. Commercials, social media ads, sales, and campaigns are usually what people recognize as advertisement and public relations tactics. How about the unusual? What about mascots? Mascots are a way for companies to brand themselves. Of course, the obvious examples of this would be …

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How Dove’s storytelling changed the beauty industry

Women featured in one of Dove's Real Beauty campaigns.

In 2004, personal care brand Dove launched its “Real Beauty Campaign.” The advertisements featured women who “weren’t professional models” and were “different ages, sizes, ethnicities, hair color, type or style,” according to the brand’s website. Leading with the statement, “Beauty is for everyone,” Dove has since grown from a worth …

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Taylor Swift campaigns to inspire engagement through voting

Taylor Swift is encouraging fans to register to vote.

In today’s digital age, the influence of celebrities and influencers extends far beyond their artistic talents. Taylor Swift, who some say is the most famous woman on planet earth, has yet again demonstrated the power of her platform to incite social change. Recently, she posted a link on her social …

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Creating a personal brand through PR

PR professionals should think about building their brand.

In today’s competitive adjective landscape, the concept of a personal brand has increased importance. Branding involves the strategic creation of an identity through communication for individuals, companies, or organizations, offering a means to stand out amidst the crowd and establish expertise that outshines competitors. A personal brand serves as a …

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