Houseparty puts some fun in video chat.
Houseparty puts some fun in video chat.

Why professionals should consider throwing a Houseparty

When an unexpected crisis arises such as COVID-19, it causes a lot of professionals such as those in public relations to come up with new ways to do meetings and activities virtually. This is when the app Houseparty gave the opportunity to allow people to host virtual meetings but with also a fun twist.

This app allows up to eight people to join in a video chat room at once. Then users can have an infinite number of rooms and move between said rooms. A notification will appear when friends have opened the app and start joining chats with their peers. An interesting part about this app is that users can “sneak into the House”. This allows users to open and use the app without alerting their contacts.

Houseparty also includes games that the rooms can play such as Heads Up, Trivia, Quick Draw, and Chips and Guac. Enabling people to virtually join large video chat rooms and play games allows professionals to get to really know their coworkers and clients on a deeper level than just in-person.

Allowing an infinite number of users into separate rooms as well as the fun features such as the games, public relations companies can use it as a fun ice breaker. Other video chatrooms such as Google Meets and Zoom only allow their users to video chat, share screens, and message. Which can start to get boring after while or not allow users to really get to know who they are talking to, if it’s their first time chatting.

Houseparty is available on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Google Chrome. This gives many people the chance to join in easily. This is what makes Houseparty a great tool for in the future.

Apps are constantly growing and expanding especially if they are being used in the professional world. With Houseparty being so convenient and easy, it may become more suitable for businesses to use from day to day.

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