Supernova gives back through charities.
Supernova gives back through charities.

Supernova tackles online hate by giving back

Social media is changing! A new app has hit the market called “Supernova.” It is a social media platform that turns likes into charity money. This app aims to give back to the world by donating advertising profits to incredible causes and charities.

Every like that is given to a post donates to the respective charity. Similarly, every like received donates to your charity of choice.

The app is much like Instagram, considering the way it is designed. However, its intentions are vastly different.

“While a growing number of voices are calling out online hate and demanding action, a new platform called “Supernova” aims to offer an ‘ethical alternative’,” says The Star.

Big social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have been under some controversy in recent years. People have been claiming that the platforms have turned negative and overly competitive. This is especially true considering the global phenomenon of young girls forming eating disorders because of fake bodies posted online.

Supernova’s charitable image could benefit them in the future. People are starting to grow away from the toxicity of regular social media apps. Generation Z has been even more supportive of the humanitarian/ environmental trend. This new app is a breeding ground for healthier audiences.

The app could also be beneficial for other miscellaneous companies PR as well. The app is free, which as we know, many people tend to lean towards. It is also branded as an “ethical” app. Which can appeal to companies as almost all of them strive to portray an ethical image. The global sports brand ASICS is one of the first to sponsor Supernova and the mental health charity MQ mental health is the first charity selected to benefit.

This is extremely important for companies that specialize in cosmetics, fashion, food, etc. This is due to people being extremely diligent to call out a company when they test on animals, harm animals in an inhumane way, or damage the environment in general. PR companies might learn to note this and reach out to Supernova to sponsor the app much like ASICS has done. Public image has become increasingly important since the internet became a factor in advertising. Supernova might be the modern key to shielding companies from controversy.

Overall, people have been buying more products that are produced ethically. Similarly, companies may want to associate themselves with this app simply because it looks good. This app donates to charities, and what company does not want to be associated with that?

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