What is the social media app Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse?
Clubhouse is a new social media app that came out during the summer of 2020 developed by Alpha Exploration Co. It currently sits at number 7 on the trending page for social networking on the apple store combined with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating from over 300,000 users. Clubhouse allows people to either join or create a chatroom or as they are called on the app “Clubs”, in order to hold discussions.

If someone wishes to join into a chatroom, they will be sent to an audience section in which they can listen, view who the speakers are, and talk among the other listeners. People hosting the talks can allow viewers to chime into discussions with the help of moderators. This new app can be compared to a live podcast in which the audience can participate.

How could this App be Beneficial for Public Relations?
This app could be a good outlet for companies’ public relations as it would allow discussing possibilities of future projects and they could receive immediate feedback from those listening to their club. This allows fans or partners to ask questions of what is being presented and can result in faster improvements to the product. This also allows for greater audience participation than if these presentations were held at conferences or events.

It also makes it easier to present information to people across the globe and for situations in which people can’t meet in person like during the pandemic. These Club meetings could also lead to greater brand awareness as people can be directed to brands through their “liked topics” and through interactions with the company during their steams.

Who can I Expect to Find on Clubhouse and How can I get an account?
Right now the app boasts a sense of exclusivity with people only being able to get on through an invite as of now. Some of the members that the app currently has are Ben Horowitz and Marc Andreessen (from Silicon Valley), Mark Cuban and Tim Ferriss (entrepreneurs/investors), and other celebrities like Chris Rock and Kevin Hart. These are just a few examples of the people that you could listen to and possibly interact with on the app.

As stated earlier the app is currently very exclusive with who can use this service. In order to make an account as of now, you must be invited by someone already on the app. It is possible however to add yourself to a waiting list to make an account of the future. It should also be noted that the app has a user rating of 17+. The app at this time is only available for iPhones but an Android version of the app is currently in the works.

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