Wendy's is what's for lunch.
Wendy's is what's for lunch.

Wendy’s takes fast-food war to new levels on Twitter

The fast-food world is a never-ending cycle of serving quick delicious food while trying to make it cheap. Each company tries their best to downplay the competition and shows how they are improving their product. A great example of this would be Wendy’s Twitter page. Wendy’s has found the perfect way of handling their PR and at the same time roasting any other fast-food restaurants based on their products.

For example, Wendy’s loves to roast McDonald’s over their frozen beef, especially when McDonald’s said they were going to start using fresh beef. Wendy’s made a remark that McDonald’s still used frozen beef in most of their burgers in their restaurants. This remark is because Wendy’s advertises their burgers as “fresh, never frozen” and never cut corners. This is shown through their square patties. Wendy’s has also fired back at Carl’s Jr. when someone asked how they compared, and they said they didn’t. Wendy’s response was if someone was going to diss another restaurant that they would have more than zero likes and retweets after 13 hours.

Wendy’s PR through Twitter is hilarious and some people just follow their Twitter account for the roasts the company gives to its competitors. On occasion people will ask for Wendy’s to roast them and often they oblige. One person sends to Wendy’s if they respond he will buy their entire menu. He sent back proof of a trash bag. Wendy’s response was saying thanks for the baby pics. If would someone asked why they were like this, they simply responded try to keep it friendly, but we aren’t here to get trashed.

This style of PR it’s very interesting due to the fact that no one really complains about the fact that Wendy’s is roasting people, and no one seems to be upset by it but enjoys it. I see any other company trying this method of PR to be shot down instantly, whereas Wendy’s has made it a part of them.

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