Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke

Clarke moves between managing finances and gardens

Southern Illinois University caught the eye of who we now know as the PRSSA Treasurer, Michael Clarke. Michael was brought to SIU from the various opportunities that the university offers. The Achieve Program also brought in Michael as well as the unique level of tutoring, scheduling help, and the physical resources that the Achieve Program has. These attributes are what made it a clear choice that Southern Illinois University is the school for him.

Michael is currently a Junior here at SIU and was excited and eager to be Treasurer. As Treasurer some of Michaels’s responsibilities are managing the finances of the chapter, in charge of any fundraising or spending actions, but as an E-board member, he said most of his duties are related to client work. Michael is not too sure of his overall career goal, but he finds himself being in any marketing, sales, or PR position that can offer upward mobility or a fun learning experience. Michael looks forward to excelling in everything he does. The acknowledgment of his superiors and peers is what motivates him to excel and succeed. With a driven mentality, he looks forward to overcoming challenges or meeting goals.

Getting to know Michael outside of school and PRSSA, he enjoys watching movies in his free time. He prefers Mel Gibbson movies, “The Patriot” and “Braveheart” are the ones that stick out to him. As well as enjoying movies he likes the outdoors as well. Excited for the summer, Michael will be helping his dad in the vegetable garden. Growing up and being in the Boy Scouts Michael has always enjoyed being outside as well as building things.

With graduation approaching soon for Michael, I asked him if he could live anywhere in the world where would it be, and why? Michael shared that his desire would be to have a home in the country where he can enjoy nature but wants to be moderately close to a city.

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