Flame Bar and Grill offers tasty menu items.
Flame Bar and Grill offers tasty menu items.

Carbondale offers tasty treats for business meetings

As James Beard wisely stated, “Food is the common denominator that brings people together.” For centuries food has been bringing people together. Food is an essential part of our health and impacts the way we live. In the world of business, connections with the clients are crucial to success. What better way to build connections than over a plate of delicious, locally cooked food?

I’m sure we could all take turns naming the popular food chains here in Carbondale, but what about the locally owned restaurants? According to an unknown writer, “When you support a local business, you are supporting a dream.” What if we were able to not only build long-lasting connections with our clients, but also build up the dreams of those in the Carbondale community? What would our actions show our clients? That we care about the community and supporting one another.

This then begs the question. . .What are the locally owned restaurants in Carbondale?

We can start with breakfast. Harbaugh’s cafe is a locally owned cafe that opened in 2000. They are known for serving “hearty plates of classic breakfast. . .” The owner, Laura Harbaugh, is very invested in supporting the local artists of Carbondale and has opened up the cafe walls to locally painted art pieces. As far as the pricing goes, Harbuagh’s cafe is ranked at one dollar sign. If you’re looking for a welcoming atmosphere, Harbaugh’s is the place to host a meeting.

Hungry for Italian food? Italian Village is locally owned and has been in business for 63 years. The Italian village is known for its historical and cultural preservation as well as its pizza and red-sauce italian favorites. Italian Village was once the main hang-out for the SIU college students but it is now considered a family restaurant. As far as the pricing goes, Italian Village ranked at two dollar signs. If you are looking for a comfortable atmosphere to take your client, Italian Village is the place to go.

Need to host a quick lunch meeting? Sal’s Bistro has got you covered with their salads and toasted subs! Sal’s Bistro ranked 3rd place in the Best Sandwiches 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards and has gathered quite the following on Facebook. Like the Harbaugh’s Cafe, Sal’s Bistro is interested in supporting the community and has done this by helping their local high school’s Spanish Club with a fundraiser. With delicious food and a heart for the community, Sal’s Bistro is a great place to eat a sandwich and host a quick meeting. As far as pricing goes, Sal’s Bistro is ranked at one dollar sign. If you’re looking for an up-beat and trendy atmosphere to take your client, Sal’s Bistro is the spot.

What about a good steakhouse? Flame Bar and Grill has been satisfying customers for nine years with some good ol’ American classics. Flame Bar and Grill is known for their steak, prime rib, and seafood. Aside from the menu, this restaurant has a beautiful garden-style patio where customers can enjoy the sunshine along with their delicious meal. As far as pricing goes, Flame Bar and Grill is ranked at two dollar signs. If you’re looking for a more refined setting to meet your client, Flame Bar and Grill is the place to go.

What about a restaurant that specializes in farm-to-table? The Underground Public House is a restaurant focused on supporting local farms and bringing the freshest and high-quality ingredients to their customers. Their menu, “constantly evolves to reflect the seasonal bounty brought” by the local farmers they support. As far as pricing goes, The Underground is ranked at two dollar signs. If you’re looking for an atmosphere of community, The Underground Public House is the place to take your client.

While dine-in restaurant meetings can be beneficial, there are times when catering becomes even more beneficial to a business meeting. Catering can decrease stress by saving you time; time that can then be used to prepare for your meeting. In choosing to cater the meal, you are also able to choose the location of your meeting which can give you an advantage in impressing your client. Catering the meal also allows you to customize the menu to your client’s preferences. This shows your client that you have taken the time to understand and care for them.

From breakfast to dinner, Carbondale’s locally owned restaurants are eager to serve you and your client. With a variety of atmospheres and cuisines, you can support your community while also strengthening your business relationship with your client. Whether you opt for dine-in or a catered meal, remember that the restaurant or selected catered menu you choose will be representing your company. Therefore, as a PR Professional you must be mindful and choose carefully where you host your business meetings. With that being said, which restaurant or catered menu will you be choosing for your next business meeting?

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