Carter Walton (center) with his family.
Carter Walton (center) with his family.

Walton balances ROTC responsibilities with sci-fi fandom

Carter Walton’s story is the classic tale of discovering the School of Communication Studies after starting his academic career at SIU. He began as a philosophy major looking for something different. He is the current Programming Director for PRSSA. Carter is a junior studying Communications with a specialization in Public Relations. He aims to join the military post-graduation and is interested in working in military Public Affairs.

Carter grew up in Stonington, Illinois, a town of 900 about 3 hours north of Carbondale. He was a Carbondale convert who was only passing through to visit another school when he decided to visit SIU. Carter fell in love with SIU for its lush scenery and its ROTC program. Carter said he was also sold on SIU’s attitude towards students. He felt SIU presented students with what it can provide for them, not just bragging about how great SIU is. It also helped that he had an older brother who attended SIU.

I enjoyed getting to know Carter on a more personal level. He enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, and working out. Science fiction is Carter’s favorite genre. One of his favorite novels is Dune by Frank Herbert. Carter also enjoys writing mysteries in science fiction settings. He drew his inspiration from the infamous Twilight Zone. Looks like we might have an author in our midst!

Carter is a down-to-earth, creative, and goal-oriented person. There is no doubt Carter will accomplish much as he continues his career in Public Relations.

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