Podcasting for entertainment and education.
Podcasting for entertainment and education.

PR podcasts worth a listen

Good public relations podcasts should be inclusive and inspiring. Another good quality a podcast should have is the ability to show the audience how to learn and grow in PR as well as keeping them up to date with new trends. There are many demands and there are also experiences that could lead to more job, creative, and travel opportunities. This article is going to be a review on PR podcasts.

Like technology, PR changes every day and people in the industry have to keep up similar to many trends on social media. Podcasts are a lot like Tik Tok: there are many to choose from but not much is getting attention.

Better PR Now with Mark Phillips
This is a PR podcast that needs some more attention. On episode 1 Mark interviews his son who just got out of grad school and his son talks about that experience. He also talks about staying on with trends and working with social media, and how marketing and advertising are becoming more of a team culture. The host also guides the audience through his experience on how to keep up with trends.

If you want to learn more about how PR and advertising work and how to keep up with everything, this podcast is a pretty interesting listen. It is educational, offers good interviews and many tips for people who are interested in PR.

SheQuality Podcast
By listing to episode 37: “Woke at work” with Donna Lavoie, the audience can tell the approach of this podcast. During the interview they talk about diversity and business, and the daffiness tone of everything. The focus of the interview was diversity in the business community.

If you want to listen to a podcast that you may agree or disagree with, this podcast is recommended. The host is a very good storyteller and the stories had good morals like “don’t let men make any decisions without everyone present”. She also points out the fact that there are more men in the PR field than women. She invites interesting guests that she interviews and who tell relevant stories and refer to interesting topics such as Fake News.

Public Relations All Questions Answered
This podcast is an example of an unsuccessful project. There are only two episodes in the whole series. The cover of the podcast seems to be inspired by the television series Breaking Bad, even though the podcast has nothing to do with that show. The goal of the podcast is to have the questions answered, but it falls short to give enough information to the audience with just two episodes. The host didn’t give any examples to back up his work and had no interviews.

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