PR is vital in areas like fundraising.
PR is vital in areas like fundraising.

PR plays vital role in non-profit operations

We are living in unprecedented times as a result of the global pandemic and the political polarization within our country. Public relations continues to be as important as it’s ever been in presenting a coherent message that gives people a sense of order and confidence. For non-profit organizations, the messaging has to be even more precise and emotion-driven, with transparency being the most essential of all components to compete with the current political climate as well as the limited disposable income facing most of the middle-class citizens in this country.

Scarlett Rodriguez, the graduate assistant for PRSSA, said one difference in PR between the private sector and non-profit organizations like UNICEF or United Way is the lack of a specific product or a generated profit. She states, “Many of the deliverables I have worked with are products targeted to generate awareness of social issues, advocacy campaigns, and fundraising strategies.” Scarlett has worked as a Marketing and Communication Assistant at Plan International, a humanitarian organization that works in 71 countries and works to promote children’s rights and equality for girls. Scarlett says that she loves working in that sector because of how fun and creative the work is.

Our PRSSA chapter has had the chance to work with one non-profit, For Kid’s Sake. The members of the group focused on posting for their social media, creating press releases and calendars. The non-profit created a valuable experience for the group participants but unfortunately due to COVID, they had to cut the semester short. Our president, Kiki Hartmann, has said that we have only gotten to work with one non-profit organization but she hopes in the future we can work with more so our members can gain experience in other PR sectors.

Public Relations is a vital component of any organization’s messaging strategy. In for-profit companies, the message centers around a product and generating a profit for its investors. In non-profit organizations, the messaging involves raising awareness for a specific cause and appealing to the goodwill of people. Transparency in advertising cannot be understated as an essential part of non-profit organizations. It helps prevent scandals and offers the necessary credentials needed to win over potential donors.

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