Josie King
Josie King

King sees future in non-profit PR

Josie King is currently the Director of Digital Media for Southern Illinois University’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). As the Director of Digital Media, Josie works on the club’s Instagram account. She says that at first, she struggled with the designs for posts, trying to find a balance between “professional” and her own taste, but now she has found her groove. Josie also created a TikTok account for PRSSA. When asked why she decided to create the account, Josie said “I feel like it is important to be on every sort of platform, especially TikTok because it’s really popular.”

Josie is also an account head for the American Sign Language Club. As an account head, Josie plans events, and distributes work among the team members, making sure that they are all adding to their portfolios.

Josie is currently working as a social media intern for The Courageous Brand. Her day-to-day tasks include liking and commenting on photos on the company’s Instagram feed, and answering direct messages on the company’s Instagram account. She also does outreach for the company’s podcast, Courageous Conversations. She schedules guests for the weekly episodes, keeping in mind what each guest can bring to the table.

Josie says that her dream job in public relations is to “work [for a] non-profit, but if not that, working for something like a magazine would be really cool.” Nonprofit work was not Josie’s initial goal though. Originally, Josie wanted to attend Southern Illinois University because the university has a good pre-pharmacy program, and she wanted to be a pharmacist. However, she realized that she didn’t have any sort of passion for medicine, and it just wasn’t for her. Josie took interest in public relations because she thought it was a more creative career path. She likes writing, but she didn’t want to have a degree in journalism, so she decided to minor in journalism instead.

In her spare time, Josie likes to run, but due to a recent ankle injury, she has been going on walks. She also likes to hang out with her friends. One of the reasons she loves Southern Illinois University is because she met her very best friend while attending the university. Once she graduates, Josie hopes to get a job in Chicago since it is a big hub for public relations.

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