Booby's on the strip.
Booby's on the strip.

Local sandwich haven Booby’s builds excitement for reopening

Booby’s is a restaurant that is a staple for gourmet deli sandwiches in Carbondale, IL. It was originally opened by, Sandford, and his son, Robert, from Chicago, and has been around for 30 years. Booby’s was a play on Sandford’s son Bobby’s (Robert) name, just changing one letter to mean another. Sanford has sold his restaurant to SIU Alum, Ave Traverso.

Reestablishing a business for a new owner can pose obstacles of maintaining its culture and relationships built with customers. Resistance to change can occur from customers who have been going to Booby’s for over a decade. However, as you read, you will see how Traverso overcame obstacles and still created an enjoyable atmosphere.

Construction had begun last year and was supposed to end by the summertime. Unfortunately, construction has its own schedule, and the reopening happened later than sooner. Even though construction had prolonged people’s watering taste buds, Traverso had kept up on keeping everyone in the loop.

Abe would post on Facebook and Instagram of historical photos and posts to keep customers updated. Abe even went as far to create polls to include his loyal and loving customers on decisions regarding the layout of the restaurant. For example, he had asked what customers would think a good floor layout would be. During the renovations, Traverso had created t-shirts and sold them which ultimately helped with construction costs.

This is a must try place before you ever leave Carbondale permanently. Located in the strip of Carbondale, 406 S Illinois Ave, Booby’s will always be a staple place for an after class, hardy meal. Renovated and under new management, Traverso still highlights the history and dedication from abundance of years Booby’s has stood. Bring your friends and check it out today!

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