Charity can serve all at the holidays.
Charity can serve all at the holidays.

Charitable giving benefits corporations past the holidays

Public relations play an important role in all companies throughout the whole year, however, around the time of the holidays is an extra opportunity for companies to make a positive impact on the communities that they serve. It is safe to say that both companies and consumers are in a more charitable mood around this time of year and are more willing to give back. There is no right way to do this, and companies execute toy drives and fundraisers each year on small and large scales depending on the company.

Some examples of this charitable giving include organizing a charity event, volunteering as a group from your workplace, donating to a charity, and hosting a toy drive. Participating in charitable giving is not only rewarding because of the people you are helping, but also by establishing cooperation in the workplace, standing up for what your brand believes in, and building a stronger connection with the community. All of the above promote philanthropy, generosity, humanity and kindness, all key elements to portray in a company. The benefits of giving back to the community and charities have a beneficial impact on the company during the holidays and after. Being charitable during the holiday season is a small price to pay for a positive image in the eye of the public and having a good reputation with the community.

Prime examples of companies who are giving back this holiday season are Arby’s, Door Dash and Peet’s Coffee. They have all partnered with No Kid Hungry to raise funds to provide children with the food they need. Allison Shuffield, director of the corporate sponsorships behind No Kid Hungry said, “We’re grateful to our corporate partners who are helping us change that by giving consumers the opportunity to give back and empower their dollars by dining and shopping for holiday gifts and promotions. Together, we can help ensure every child gets the food they need this holiday season and every day.” This demonstrates the impact that charitable giving has on the people who benefit from it. These companies are making a positive impact and participating in charitable giving, but the way in which they promote these missions is what makes it so strategic for their brand. By tying your brand’s name to a charity, it can bring a strong positive connotation to your brand. These campaigns are widespread and the additional advertising that comes through this charity work is significant. From social media to the news, any outlet is happy to cover this positive effort.

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