The Cameo app can reach new audiences.
The Cameo app can reach new audiences.

Cameo brings celebrities in reach for budget-minded PR professionals

To all the office lovers out there, how would you feel if you were able to talk to Oscar? Or receive a pep talk from Brett Farve or Gabby Douglas? How about a famous celeb endorsing your brand or fundraising for your company?

With, you can! was created in 2017 and blew up at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cameo is a website and app that allows you to hire athletes, actors, musicians, reality tv stars, comedians and creators to send a personalized video.

Cameo’s Marketplace is the central hub where you can search any of your fav celebs or influencers. You can even take a questionnaire to “find the perfect star for your occasion.” You can book a birthday, pep talk, announcement, roast, advice, anniversary, wedding or a just because video.

Top cameo ratings go to Carol Baskin from Tiger King, Snoop Dogg, and Brain Baumgartner who plays Kevin in the office.

It is free to sign up and browse, the only time you’ll spend money is if you actually book a Cameo call. These videos can cost anywhere from $1 to $1,500. These videos can be used for personal videos and for business.

Organizations such as Portillos, Bud Light, and Intuit have all used and benefited from Cameo. Portillos, the food chain that sells Chicago street food, used Cameo to promote their new chicken sandwich featuring a new giardiniera sauce. The restaurant knew that was difficult to pronounce, so what better way to introduce it by having multiple celebs attempt to say giardiniera?

By using Cameo, Portillos saw a 200% increase in organic video views, 300% higher social media engagements, and 25% more chicken sandwich sales than originally projected.

Cameo would 100% work as an effective PR tool. Being able to reach a broader audience automatically will improve views and product sales.

Saint Judes children’s hospital is a great example of this. St. Judes has celebrity ambassadors such as Jennifer Aniston, JoJo Siwa, and Sophia Vergara. These celebrities have a massive following on multiple platforms, they are able to reach a broad audience quickly.

Cameo is a PR tool that will help businesses reach broader audiences and attract more viewers! Incorporate Cameo into your PR strategies here!

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