Building a diverse workforce.
Building a diverse workforce.

PR strategies to build a more diverse workforce

Diversity is a major key when it comes to industries in today’s society. Every day the world changes and evolves so it is important that companies have diversity in the workplace. PR can play a huge role when it comes to helping companies better recruit a more diverse workforce and present themselves as welcoming places of employment.

Creating an open and diverse workplace will increase the number of viewpoints and solutions for clients, while also retaining employees because people value companies who value all. Public relations can make a huge difference for major companies who want to develop a more diverse environment.

PR better reflects society, instead of being the domain of the white and middle class. Here are some ways PR can help you achieve a diverse workforce:

  • Be aware of the problem. Having awareness of the problem needs to come before action.
  • Support the blueprint initiative. Developing a common set of standards will be the fastest and most consistent way to help talk about the change in diversity and have the confidence behind that.
  • Put pressure on recruitment agencies. Putting more pressure on your recruitment partners can push them to demonstrate what they are actively doing to increase more diverse talent into your company.
  • Integrate more. Greater integration is a big solution, an understanding, awareness and appreciation of each other will then develop to everyone’s benefit.
  • Offer paid internships. Your company needs to be an attractive, attainable career for interested people whatever their background, educational attainment or skin color is.

Using these strategies can benefit any industry wanting to develop diversity in their work community. For example, Forbes states that, “The ingredients of an effective and even spectacular campaign are many, but one critical consideration for any promotion must be diversity. In fact, when a marketing or public relations campaign falls flat, many times it’s because diversity and inclusion weren’t part of the equation.”

PR can help companies grow in so many different ways, including diversity so using these tactics can increase the diversity immensely in the workplace.

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