Culver's burger and a Pepsi.
Culver's burger and a Pepsi.

Culver’s asking Pepsi fans if Coke is okay

The popular Midwest burger chain Culver’s is switching from Pepsi to Coke. That’s right, customers will no longer get an ice-cold Pepsi with their butter burger, but a Coke instead. Many customers haven’t seemed to care, but those who do are furious. Who would have thought switching from one brand of soda to another would bring up such an upheaval?

Culver’s conversion to Coca-Cola products is the most press Culver’s has gotten since their 2021 CurderBurger debuted! Although Culver’s will be losing some long-term customers, this publicity could help them gain some new Coca-Cola lovers.

Many Culver’s customers expressed their anger on twitter and many other social media sites. These livid customers have said that they’ll no longer be returning to their favorite food chain due to this change. Culver’s has not said much or added any comments about the switch, other than one main response on twitter reacting to some enraged customers stating, “Yes, our restaurants are making the switch to Coca-Cola products.”

Culver’s never commented why they are making the switch, just that some of their standbys will still be available. “You will still be able to enjoy Culver’s Signature Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, fresh brewed sweetened and unsweetened tea, as well as Shakes and Concrete Mixers made with Fresh Frozen Custard.”

Although Pepsi is leaving the chain, Culver’s let customers know they would be keeping their signature drinks. This has seemed to please some customers since, “Culver’s Root Beer is the best,” stated many commenters.

Pepsi MidAmerica is a local company located in Marion, Illinois. The Crisp family has owned Pepsi MidAmerica since 1946. Throughout the years, the Crisp family has given large donations to several local schools.

Krisy Long, who has lived in Marion all of her life and has two children who have grown up attending Marion schools had the following to share about Culver’s switching to Coke, “I think it is a bad idea. Pepsi is a locally owned and operated business. They employ numerous residents which add money back into our local economy.’’ Long also added, “The Crisp family is active in our community. They give back to our schools and parks.” Long continued, “In order for them (Pepsi MidAmerica) to continue to support our community, our community and businesses should support them by using and buying their products.”

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