Always be revising and updating your resume.
Always be revising and updating your resume.

Four tips for refreshing your resumé in the new year

Whether you are looking for a new job, are at your existing job, or just interested in finding new options, updating your resume is the first step in the process. It is always important to keep your resume up to date with all the new things you learned, experienced, and achieved. Here are four tips for refreshing your resume.

1. Updating your job information and description
No matter what job you are at or the jobs you have had in the past, odds are you have learned a new skill or achievement. Here is where you should update the new responsibilities and skills you have learned.

2. Add your current job information
If you are looking for a new job, you most likely have not put your current job information on your resume yet. You should add your current employer’s name, a possible reference, and a short description of your duties.

3. Eliminate anything irrelevant
Some experiences or achievements no longer need to be stated on your resume depending on the level and type of job you are looking for. So, you should decide what is relevant or not.

4. Update your skills and certifications
Over the years various jobs, certifications, and certain skills come along the way. Some can be relatable to new jobs and end up helping in the hiring process. Here it is important to list and review your skills and certifications to make sure they are still valid and up to date.

These are four simple things you can do to update your resume going into the new year. It is important to update your resume even if you are not job hunting because you want to have everything in your mind fresh, so you do not forget the things you have accomplished.

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