Tyson Lukrofka
Tyson Lukrofka

Lukrofka has a passion for the outdoors

This year’s new PRSSA Secretary, Tyson Lukrofka, is very excited to be a part of this SIU organization. Tyson took the time to share his goals and the expectations that he hopes to meet being a part of PRSSA.

Tyson is majoring in Communication Studies, specializing in Public Relations, and minoring in Business Management at Southern Illinois University. He is also an ambassador for Southern Illinois University through his Resident Assistance position. Holding a position on the e-board for PRSSA isn’t the only organization Tyson is proud to be a part of on campus. He is a member of the Sigma Pi fraternity and holds their Sergeant in Arms position. Despite holding different positions on campus, he wanted to start building his skillsets and get more involved with PRSSA. Tyson believed running for the E-board would help him grow within his major.

Tyson has big goals for the future after college, such as owning his own business and providing for his family. He saw the Secretary position as an opportunity that would allow him to experience a good challenge, build his portfolio and potential clientele for the future. Lukrofka is a hard-working undergraduate here at Southern Illinois University who fears failure. Most can agree that failure is scary, but now that he holds this position within PRSSA, he is excited about a promising future.

While he may be working hard to achieve these goals for a promising future, he does take the time to enjoy himself outside of campus. Tyson shared that he enjoys outdoor leisure such as hiking, fishing, and playing golf. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his little brothers, making sure they have a great role model in their life. If he is not outside enjoying the weather, he is watching fantasy football and taking care of his fish. Tyson’s overall goal is to have a successful life for himself by helping others out in the process.

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