Grace Schneider
Grace Schneider

Schneider finds where she belongs in public relations

Grace Schneider, SIUC Junior, Communication Studies Major and PRSSA Secretary extraordinaire graciously agreed to answer a few questions and provide some insight into her role in PRSSA. Grace began PRSSA for credit last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Over winter break, she would accept an invitation to join the E-Board team as Secretary. In her new position, Grace has several duties. Grace described some of her responsibilities.

“As secretary I keep attendance for the class and keep track of meeting dialogue and important dates that we go over during announcements. I also am the group leader for the Kleinau Theatre, so I’m currently having my group conduct interviews to work towards creating content for the Kleinau’s social media page.”

It took some time for Grace to decide on PR. She tried out several different fields including animal science, music, and journalism. Despite her lengthy search nothing appealed to her. Until she finally found her passion, “I took my first public relations class with Josh Houston in the spring of 2020, and it felt like where I needed to be.”

When it comes to Grace’s world outside the world of PR, Grace has many passions. Grace’s passions mesh perfectly with her role as a professional communicator, “I’ve always loved to read and write, so I try to make time to do that at least once a week if not more often. I feel the most at peace when I’m sitting outside on a gorgeous day with an enthralling book that I can’t pull my nose out of.”

I asked Grace what her favorite part of her position as Secretary was, “My favorite part of being secretary is that I am involved more and get to know people more… As secretary I’ve gotten to spend more time with the board members, and I’ve made a point to get to know my group members and bond with them as best that I can. I hope that we’ll be able to go back to in person meetings soon so that I can officially meet everyone!”

When I asked Grace what she has learned from her experience as Secretary she said, “I have learned how to be more patient, as well as how to act more like a leader.” Grace provides an excellent example of how students can find their home at the Communications Department. The skills learned by PRSSA students are invaluable life-long tools. On behalf of our entire PRSSA chapter, I can proudly say we are proud to have Grace as our Secretary.

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