Scarlett Rodriguez
Scarlett Rodriguez

Scarlett Rodriguez showcases diverse interests

PRSSA is so lucky this year to have Scarlett Rodriguez as our Graduate Assistant! She majored in Corporate Social Communications from PUCMM in the Dominican Republic. Now, she is currently enrolled at SIU to get her master’s degree in Intercultural Communication. But what will she do after graduation? Well, she has an extensive portfolio. Scarlett plans on looking for volunteer work in vulnerable communities in India, Africa, or South America. With her previous work experience in UNICEF as a media and communication consultant, she would excel in helping the communities. Whenever she decides to look for other work placements, she plans on moving back to her home country of the Dominican Republic and looking for a job there.

When Scarlett was younger, she grew up with her two sisters and parents in a small town in the Dominican Republic. She says she is happy that she had such a great childhood. Involved in her community, Scarlett grew up playing volleyball, painting and dancing ballet. When asked what her dream career was when she was a child, Scarlett jokingly replied, “I wanted to be a mom, or that’s what I’ve been told I used to say.” Later, she thought about possibly becoming an ophthalmologist or an artist.

Scarlett Rodriguez
Scarlett Rodriguez
Getting to know Scarlett outside of school, she enjoys a wide variety of hobbies such as traveling, watching movies, going to the beach, dancing, and playing board games with her family and friends. Her favorite board game currently is Cranium and Guesstures. She also mentions that one of the most interesting places she has traveled to so far was Edinburgh, Scotland in 2015. It was the first time she tried “haggis”, she was able to see the Edinburgh Castle and walk through the streets where some parts of movies such as “One Day” and “Avengers” had been filmed. Another fun fact about her is that her three-stranded island books would be The Little Prince, The Help, and Little Women while her movies would be The Pianist, Roma, and the series Mad Men.

We cannot thank Scarlett enough for all the awesome help she has provided our students with this semester. When asked what advice she would give to the students Scarlett responded, “My advice to students is to always be open to any opportunities for learning and growth. We live in a very diverse and interconnected world, and students today have a myriad of tools to begin their careers.” She also mentions that one of the most important things students can do in their undergrad is to find internships to build their professional profiles. Scarlett is always willing to help anyone in any capacity and we can’t thank her enough for all her help this semester!

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