Haley Spiewak and a very large mouse friend.
Haley Spiewak and a very large mouse friend.

Haley’s magic kingdom of communication

Haley Spiewak is a natural born leader that consistently strives to better herself and the ones around her. The PRSSA PR Director not only has experience in leadership but she also has some natural talents that make her a phenomenal director in PRSSA.

Haley is from Sycamore, Illinois where she lived until she moved to Marion in high school. The move was jarring for her but that didn’t stop any of her aspirations. Some early dreams she’s had ranged from a pastry chef to an orthodontist. Now dreams and goals shift over time but whatever Haley sets her mind to she strives for. Even something like being a pastry chef faded, she still says she’d love to go to culinary school one day even if it’s not her primary focus as of right now.

What made her choose PR and communications however was actually a fruitful conversation with SIUs own Kim Little. In this very conversation she saw a path with Communications and PR that ultimately made her make the decision. Since that decision has been made Haley has done a bevy of things geared toward it. She is currently aside from PRSSA a director for The Big Event which his SIUs largest volunteer day for SIU students. She loves the position because she can utilize tactics she’s learned in class about social media and outreach to recruit students for the event.

One of the coolest things I’ve found out is that Hayley was a part of the Disney College program. In the program she got to work in the Food and Wine festival in Epcot. This was an otherworldly experience because of her immense love for Disney. She worked there for a semester and can attest it was a special time. Haley’s favorite memory there didn’t even revolve around work, however. While she was working a random couple got engaged right in front of her. This moment basically solidified the magic Disney truly has which is bringing people together.

The many Magic Kingdom faces of Haley Spiewak.
The many Magic Kingdom faces of Haley Spiewak.

Here at PRSSA Haley’s presence is extremely appreciated. Having worked with her on a huge project this year she is one of the best people I’ve worked with during my time at SIU. She’s clear, concise, punctual and willing to go the extra mile in every sense. From reaching out to people or buckling down and getting big things done.

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