Geoff Keighley shows off the new PS5 controller.
Geoff Keighley shows off the new PS5 controller.

It’s not a launch without PR

Brands and products have gone into a bit of a grey area when it comes to communicating newer products. As we get into the fall the idea of show and tell is very prevalent. Apple, Sony and even Microsoft have gone out of their way to give consumers vibrant presentations for their new products. This has been going on for some time, from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (known as E3) which started in 1995 where gaming companies would show off new technology and new games.

A recent trend is with influencers or popular people in media carrying a brand. One example is with Geoff Keighley who is an announcer and journalist. Geoff Keighley is well known for being a host on a G4 gaming channel and Game Trailers as well. He is a well-known face for gaming whether it be insider news or literally announcing games at the yearly Game Awards. When Microsoft and Sony announced their new console, he seemed to be alongside them when it came to not only announcing their new systems but showing off their new hardware. Sony and Microsoft know he’s a trusted face in the gaming and partner with him a lot when it comes to simply showing off new products. When the respective consoles were announced, Geoff had hands on the physical hardware and even got the consoles early.

Another case of this trend is Travis Scott and McDonald’s. Travis Scott is a very famous rapper who at first glance doesn’t seem to have anything in line with a brand like McDonald’s. However, their partnership nearly flooded McDonald’s restaurants around the country in September of 2020 (mind you during a pandemic). The brand that is McDonald’s takes advantage of this artists’ influence to not only bring in customers for a meal but if you look up what the meal actually is you come to find it’s not even anything new or special.

This “influencer” tactic happens a lot in fashion as well. With big names like Beyonce and Kanye West partnering with Adidas, Drake with Nike or Michael B. Jordan with Coach. These brands are latching on with the idea that they can extend the reach of their brand while using these names as a conduit.

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  1. The Travis Scott partnership was incredible! More musical artists who have not been traditionally represented commercially should take notes.

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