Maggie Granados (M&M shirt) poses with others for Halloween.
Maggie Granados (M&M shirt) poses with others for Halloween.

Granados works hard today but dreams of years ago

Magdalena (known as Maggie) Granados was announced as our Secretary for PRSSA. With such a warm welcoming, Maggie is glad to be a part of the executive board of 2020-2021. Maggie has been a member of PRSSA for more than a year. She has been hands on with several clients and is very familiar with creating good content for her organization. With Maggie’s hard- working mindset and familiarity, the members are excited for her to be their secretary.

She expressed that the reason she decided to apply for the secretary position because she enjoys all the work that is done in PRSSA. She explains, “Being a part of this RSO has taught me a lot. It also showed me that the world is constantly evolving and changing. Being a part of PRSSA has allowed me to grow and learn so that I can be the best professional me.” We are so proud to have her on our team!

Maggie is a senior at SIUC. She is majoring in Communication Studies, double minoring in Spanish and Journalism. She would describe herself as an extraordinary individual because she always tries to make the most of her day and tries to make at least one-person smile.

Bragard Kizenga, a member of PRSSA, said Maggie is “Friendly and easy to talk to.” Another member, Martavia Prunty, described her as “a hard-worker” which one could view as a great trait to have as a secretary.

The many faces of Maggie.
The many faces of Maggie.

One of Maggie’s favorite movies is The Age of Adaline. She said, “I like it because it showcases a woman going through her whole life not being able to be herself, until one day she feels confident and happy and is able to truly be herself”. Agreed, Maggie! She also reads a lot. When asked, “What is your favorite book of all time?” She replied, “The Great Gatsby”. She says the book brings her “nostalgia of an era I wish I could experience as well as being a hopeless romantic, this book’s love story is one that I am fascinated by!”

With Maggie being a senior, it is time for her to decide what she plans on doing when she graduates. She expressed, “Hopefully thriving! My dream job is to someday own my own PR firm.” We believe in you Maggie and we are so glad to have you as our secretary!

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