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Xbox buying Nintendo rumor stirs up PR dust

Players enjoying Xbox.

We see several companies over the years that have had private information leaked, and Microsoft Xbox is one. It is rare to see a company get leaked and have plans of potentially buying the competitor of its company. Recently Microsoft has responded to the rumors. Phil Spencer, the head of …

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The multiplicity of Discord from gaming to PR

Discord allows for communities.

When people think of social media, most will think of popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. Public relations professionals utilize these platforms, and many others, every day to promote events, address crises and build relationships with their clients’ public. Community engagement is central to Public Relations – it is …

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Video games open new realms for public relations

Travis Scott in Fortnite.

Traditionally, video games and the companies that produce them utilized public relations to promote their product and influence public opinion of the games. Now, video games are being used directly as PR tools. While there are many video games used for PR, the two most prominent are Epic Games’ Fortnite: …

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