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Mascots put a friendly face on corporations

Some mascots become bigger than the product they promote.

We all know how brands typically advertise. Commercials, social media ads, sales, and campaigns are usually what people recognize as advertisement and public relations tactics. How about the unusual? What about mascots? Mascots are a way for companies to brand themselves. Of course, the obvious examples of this would be …

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Creating a personal brand through PR

PR professionals should think about building their brand.

In today’s competitive adjective landscape, the concept of a personal brand has increased importance. Branding involves the strategic creation of an identity through communication for individuals, companies, or organizations, offering a means to stand out amidst the crowd and establish expertise that outshines competitors. A personal brand serves as a …

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Bud Light’s PR nightmare and how to avoid political backlash

People got very upset over a can of beer.

In modern day, brands have to play a tricky game of navigating political fields. It can be extremely beneficial or detrimental to a brand’s image when they decide to publicly support a political movement that is considered controversial. The Harvard Business Review mentioned that in the past, companies tended to …

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