Martavia Prunty pitching PRSSA.
Martavia Prunty pitching PRSSA.

Prunty juggles academics with karaoke nights and PRSSA leadership

Meet your Outreach Coordinator for PRSSA, Martavia Brittnie Prunty, or Marty for short. Marty is currently in her last year here at SIU. She is majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Television Studies.

Marty originally wanted the position of PR director, but Professor Justin Young had different plans for her and thought that Outreach Coordinator would be a better fit, to her surprise he was right. She is very grateful for the position and is also enjoying it more than she thought she would have.

Some of her daily responsibilities as Outreach Coordinator include connecting with different RSO’s on campus, working hand in hand with the PR Director, Haley Spiewak, creating and scheduling posts about PRSSA, while also planning socials to get members to know each other better.

Prunty recently planned a social via Zoom call that included the game called Kahoot! with Halloween trivia. By the time Marty is 40 years old, she hopes to have founded her own PR agency.

While Prunty is not spending her time dedicated to PRSSA, do not be surprised if you see her out on the town and randomly start juggling. This is a talent that she taught herself at just 7 years old. If she can fit it in her hands, she will attempt to juggle it.

Martavia chilling.
Martavia chilling.

If the opportunity arose, she would move to Ireland, she has always been drawn to the gorgeous landscapes that she has seen in movies when she was younger. If you ever catch Marty at karaoke night, she will be attempting to sing Tennessee Whiskey as good as or even better than Chris Stapleton. Nostalgia hits Marty whenever she is eating her grandmothers’ homemade chicken and dumplings with biscuits, the meal was made with so much love and it made it that much better.

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